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Flame Retardants

Flame retardants

Corporate flame retardants informatie aanvragen contacts find us products our lab carpets back to textiles printing finishing acids and buffers antistatics colour and pigments defoamers leveling flame retardants defrosting repellents water and oil softeners thickeners antistatics colour and pigmentcompounds dispersing flame retardants foaming thickeners wetting agents contact us for more info.

Mammoet industries n.v. Terlindenhofstraat 36 2170 merksem belgium phone 32 3 644 54 55 fax 32 3 644 32 78 email De vergoeding voor flame retardants website power utities xlpe singlecore and threecore medium voltage cables tridelta 12 20 kv tridelta medium voltage cable of 10 kv to 30 kv for the energy supply to regional distributor networks the. progressive design of the tridelta cable leads to a longer service life of this medium voltage cable flame retardants raming aanvragen Tdelta medium voltage singlecore cable 20 12 kv type xdmzmono copper conductor tridelta medium voltage singlecore cable 20 12 kv type xdmemono copper Een keuze maken in flame retardants conductor flame retardant and nonflame propagating tridelta medium voltage singlecore cable 20 12 kv type xdalzmono aluminium conductor idelta medium voltage singlecore cable 20 12 kv type xdalemono aluminium conductor flame retardant and nonflame flame retardants met gegarandeerde rendementsstijging propagating flexible tridelta medium voltage singlecore cable 20 12 kv type xflexmono copper conductor flexible tridelta medium voltage singlecore cable 20 12 kv ty.

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Home devan life products inspiration for contact our aim the team green tree labs 2 15 billion bekijk ook eens flame retardants Flame retardants are being used increasingly in order to enhance the safety profile of the final product. New standards . Label applications mattress ticking upholstery ppvc acrylic coatings flocking additives clothing tents nonwoven aircraft carpets wall coverings hightech fabrics advantages ecoflam does not generate dioxins under extreme temperature conditions ecoflam can flame retardants voor uw firma op maat produce less co hcn in smoke ecoflam halogen br cl and antimony free ecoflam gd efficiency 15 04 2016 we have moved to our new offices in ronse read more.

Skip to main content en de search search 320 14 57 81 01 ecochem flame retardant chemistry telephone De verkoopsom van flame retardants 320 14 57 81 01 email linkedin https company ecochemiernationalnv menu home about ecochem application fields media flame retardants specialisatie jobs contact wood panels boards you are here homeapplication fieldswood panels boards ecochem is the european market leader in the development production and marketing of ecofriendly flameretardant additives for timber and odbased panels particle boards mdf boards osb it is renewable sustainable energy efficient easily workable and aesthetically pleasing. however belangstelling in de prijs van flame retardants untreated woodbased panels are flammable which makes them less attractive with r.

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